612 Model Modular
Floating Dock System

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We believe in doing it once and doing it right

612 Dock with 20' walkway. This all aluminum 6' x 12' dock system is guaranteed to last lifetimes under normal situations. All hardware is stainless steel, to also assure years of no corrosion. This is the ultimate maintenance free dock system you will ever own. 

Shown above 612 With 12' walkway & seawall bridge, bridge threshold ramp and ladder. This seawall bridge and entry threshold ramp was designed by Hotwoods to get over any or most sea walls like the one pictured above. 

We offer this type of walkway to be added to any Hotwoods dock system or any existing dock you may have from any other manufacturer to home built. Once you put one of our aluminum walkways on your dock, you will never need to worry about dry rot or bad boards getting out to your dock ever again. 


612 Dock System

  • 3' wide walkway, 8', 12', or 16' standard length's.
  • All aluminum with stainless steel hardware.
  • Styrene filled poly floats with 5,670 lbs of buoyancy. 
  • Styrene filled polyethylene floats feature a 12 year warranty.
  • Poles sold separately, as dock installs very.
  • Walkway can be connected to end of dock as shown or to the side to create a T shaped dock.
  • All walkways have handrail on both sides standard.
  • Handrail is not standard on any dock.
  • Docks can be custom ordered with handrail to fit your needs.
  • All walkway and dock handrail is manufactured, using comfort grip 1 1/2" round aluminum.
  • Dock measures 6' x 12' 

This is a lifelong system, unlike the wooden or plastic units that are on the market today. Remember, this is all aluminum with stainless steel hardware.

The 612 Modular Dock System ships completely assembled, with only the walkway and handrails to be installed. This makes it very easy for the do it yourself type of person to install, or any contractor that you have to work with.

The average install can be completed in 3-4 hours, depending on your shoreline and how well it is prepared for the person installing.

It is also easy to remove for winter storage, if you live in an area that requires you to remove it during that time of the year.

Simply remove the stabilizing posts and bring your dock in to the shore for the winter.

It's time to replace your dock with a
quality floating dock system from Hotwoods.


Shown above (2) 612 dock's to create a 12' x 12' dock with 16' walkway & seawall bridge. This can be done by connecting the (2) 612 docks together. 

Shown above 612 dock with customer walkway with a roller kit installed on walkway. This lets the dock move with ease up and down with water levels, while keeping your walkway and dock connected.

Replacement walkways for any dock


We manufacture replacement walkways for any dock. Standard lengths are 8', 12', & 16'. Custom lengths can be made as well as custom attachments to docks & shoreline.

 Contractors and Developers who wish to order multiple units
at volume discounts are welcome.